About Me

Just a Mummy on a mission,

After giving birth to my beautiful daughter I found not only a new best friend but discovered an entirely new meaning to life.  I want to be a better person, to grow and develop mentally and emotionally and most important to be a great role model my daughter will grow to respect.

There are a number of reasons I have ventured into the blogging world, many of which surround my passion for my Daughter and finally, after many (emotionally unforgiving) loses, becoming a Mother.

After suffering from both anxiety and depression throughout most of my childhood, well into adulthood and observing not only adults but Children experiencing similar difficulties, I aim to form a community of people who hold the same passion for reducing the risk of mental health illness in our Children.

In a generation with a raging growth in mental health illness I believe we can adapt and modify our behaviours & attitudes to help reduce (and do our best to prevent) mental health problems in our Children by eliminating many environmental factors, creating a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle with a good balance of discipline and routine. Let’s teach Children to be self-aware, open minded and show a comfortable understanding of their emotions. We need to welcome the discussion of how we feel (good or bad) and learn to manage this effectively.

Please leave comments, follow, interact and share with all the Parents.

(I am no expert by any means and there is never a guarantee that mental health illness can be avoided however; we owe it to our Children, the next generation, to use new found research and knowledge to reduce their risk)


Mummy Said So x

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