Lose The Mummy Tummy…


Weight loss…. AAHHH! I hate this topic. It is one of the most difficult things to do when you are an absolute foodie (muncher) like myself. I’m not always hungry but I could always eat, I’ve never been happy with my weight and this only gets worse the bigger I get, I feel fat, frumpy, ugly and can’t stand buying clothes that never look good on my figure and still; I make excuse after excuse when it comes to food.

If you are anything like me then you don’t only eat when you are hungry or because it’s breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time; you eat because you enjoy it. The taste, the flavours, the textures, even the action of eating is enjoyable it gives us something to do with our hands and can be social when meeting with friends or sitting down with family at the end of the day. Eating doesn’t end there for me, I eat when I’m alone, relaxing, bored, feeling sad & low, when I fancy a takeaway or…. Just because.

Some may say I’m just a greedy b**ch & they are right I don’t deny that. Eating is like an addiction to me and has been for years, I’ve tried every fad diet imaginable, knocked myself ill drinking lemon / pepper water, vomited for days on the Atkins diet and I’ve been known to unleash my inner psycho b**ch when I’m ‘hangry’ but that all needs to change, I am a Mummy now, I have an 8 month old daughter and want to be healthy. I want to be fit.

After years of over eating and now having my beautiful baby daughter I am left with a saggy Mum Tum which just won’t seem to shift. Looking in the mirror is extremely upsetting as I have folds and dimples all over and a tummy that sags like a wet nappy (diaper).The only thing about my Mum tum  I can genuinely say I am proud of; my stretch marks. These are my little reminder that my baby once lived here but all the excess fat and skin is repulsive, not just to look at, it slows me down, makes me feel lazy and photographs have become an absolute no go zone. It is breaking my heart that I can’t bring myself to make memories in photographs with my daughter due to my own greed and insecurities.

Everyday people are transforming their bodies so why can’t we? Is it will power? Do we not want it as bad as others? Perhaps it’s patience, something I lack. After years of trial and error I have decided – No more! No more fad diets, no more quick fixes, no more slimming pills, miracle drinks, unused gym memberships or high expectations. It is now time for a change in my thought process. Time to change my lifestyle.

After much thought I have come to realise that I am not interested in the perfect body (or whatever the media portray this to be). All I want is to be slimmer, fitter and comfortable in my own skin. To do this I need patience, consistency and a change in my lifestyle. Nothing too drastic, small changes that will have a big impact on not just my appearance but also my health.

After a lot of research and chatting with numerous professionals I have compiled a list of lifestyle changes that I will be implementing and I am hoping you Mummies will join me. This time round I am not calling it a diet, setting time frames or weight goals or letting my expectations run wild. This is about understanding my own mind, controlling urges with the way I think, managing my thought process and learning to be consistent. I have already spent half my life complaining about my weight and everytime I slim down quickly, it piles on twice as fast. So what is the rush?


Lifestyle Changes:

  1. H20 – My new best friend.

It has been proven that a significant increase in water intake is linked to weight loss success.

Water keeps us full and contains ‘zero calories’, it keeps us hydrated, feeling well, nourished and after increasing water intake we should see a difference in not just weight loss or how we feel but in our skin, hair and nails. Our bodies need water yet most of us neglect to provide ourselves with this basic requirement.

Water, Water, Water, Chug, Chug, Chug!


  1. Don’t Snack Late

Like us, our body likes to wind down later in the day which means our metabolism slows down. This doesn’t mean I am saying ‘No snacks after dinner!’ but its best to keep snacks light and easy to digest.  Let’s remember to give our insides a rest too.


  1. 20 Minutes IS enough

Many people believe that for exercise to work it should be excessive and yes if we want a solid, ribbed physique then we obviously have to put in the effort but for weight loss, 20 to 30 minutes EVERYDAY is great.

Start with a brisk walk for 20 minutes building up to jogging when fitness levels have increased or pop on some YouTube videos and let’s have fun at home. We don’t have to go to the gym. No excuses!  20 minutes is NOT a big ask!


  1. Plan your meals

As the saying goes ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

If we prepare our meals in advance then we prevent ourselves from grabbing quick unhealthy foods on the go. Buy Tupperware tubs, prep some meals, label them, freeze them and get organised.


  1. Turn up the heat!

If we want to lose weight then we need to get our metabolism burning. The best way to do this is by eating spicy foods. So, if you can handle it, let’s incorporate spicy foods into our food prepping. Empty those bowels ha! ha!


  1. Portion Control

I am very lucky in the sense I don’t have to cook often, my partner does most of the cooking but he always overloads the plate like we are never going to eat again.

Let’s get sensible! Eat slowly and savour the taste ensuring you chew your food thoroughly. This will fill us up quicker rather than scoffing the trough until it is done and we feel like we need to unbutton and lay down.


  1. Make a shopping list & STICK TO IT

When we venture in to the shops we see so many high calorie fatty foods that look great and most of the time, they are on offer. Damn you supermarkets!

The trick is to eat before you food shop so you are not hungry and frantically dashing around the aisles while you drool like fool over everything in sight (clean up on aisle 5)  Sometimes a good way to stick to your shopping list is to do your food shop online.


  1. Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast

Go ape in the morning ha! I am not kidding, try and eat your calories in the morning and gradually reduce this throughout the day. Your metabolism has just woke up and is raring to go plus you then have all day to burn those calories off. This does not mean to eat really badly in the morning however; enjoy your bread and natural fats in the morning.


You can join me in my quest to prove fad diets are a waste of time and small changes can have a longer lasting more desired effect. Follow my progress via the Mummy Said So Facebook page or via my Instagram. Send your pics and updates and let me know how you are getting on. You will see my results and hear about my struggles, mistakes and my success. I say success because I know I can do it and so can you. If you or I can’t do it, then we obviously don’t want to lose the weight. It is that simple.

I believe we can all lose our Mum tums together. Let’s feel good again!





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