Mummies, it’s time for some inspiration and that is exactly what you are going to get here over the coming weeks.

Through the power of social media I have managed to find a number of Mums with some truly inspiring stories to tell and they, like me, are excited to start empowering other Mums to step up, find their passion and go for it! These Mums have all started from the bottom and leaped hurdle after hurdle until they got exactly where they want to be. Their personal success and discovering the many obsticals along the way is truly inspirational. Some found themselves faced with illness and health issues whilst others overcame family or financial problems to get them where they are today. All of these Mums have different wants and goals and they are all very different in terms of their lifestyle, desires and expectations however;  One thing they do have in common – they refuse to make excuses. If they want something, they will achieve it and if they fail, they get up, dust off and start again.

These Mums are prepared to share their story to help you live your life to the fullest, whether that means extravagant travel to discover the worlds vast range of cultures or a creative flare that you wish you had pursued but never had the time too, Maybe you’ve grown tired of 9-5’s trying to climb the corporate ladder and finally want to venture out on your own to be the strong independent business woman you always thought you would be or is it a simple life style you want? More time with the kids and the ones you love. Whatever your goals, these Mums will light that spark in you to make you see, this is all possible.

Growing up we all had dreams, wants, ambitions and we knew exactly what we would like our life to look like. The problem is, we lost our drive, things went wrong or didn’t go to plan first time round so we lost hope and gave up. Why do we give up and settle for less than we want, less than we deserve?

The biggest reason for this is fear of failure.

What you need to realise is, failure is not a negative. It is a lesson. Learn from it and try again. When things get hard, push yourself, if you hit a brick wall and there is no way forward, it was not meant to be, Stop wasting your time and drive forward with plan B. Always have a plan B.

If you are anything like me, you lay awake at night coming up with loads of innovative ideas, ambitioun burns inside us until we wake up and realise we actually have to do something. It is at this stage we start to make excuses.

‘I’ll start tomorrow’

‘I will probably fail so why bother?’

‘There’s not enough time in the day’

‘People will doubt me’

‘It’s just not the right time’

‘My kids should come first’

Why do we do this?  For goodness sake, start believing in yourself and Just go for it!

This is easier said than done, I know this too well. It’s difficult to stay motivated when society has become so negative. All around us people are bringing each other down. It seems you can no longer do right for doing wrong. Over the past 2 months I have joined a number of Facebook groups for Mums, New Mums and Bloggers but I left them just as quick. It’s saddens me to see people ask questions, looking for help, support and advice from their peers just to be ripped to shreds by people who think they know better or have a different opinion. Watching Mothers do this to one and other was hard, so I left these groups and started my own No bashing Allowed! – Click Here For Facebook Group

This needs to stop!

Mums, we need to stick together, we need to learn to build each other up, we need to believe in ourselves and our peers not just for ourselves but for our Children. We have the ability to shape them and mould them into strong willed, successful adults, we have the ability to make sure they never struggle, never go without but more importantly we have the ability to teach them they can be whoever they want to be.

The sky is no longer the limit!

Following your dreams will not only satisfy you making you a much happier and well balanced person, it gives your child a role model. Foot steps they can be proud to walk in, life lessons and values that will see them progress through life with a positive attitude and the ability to be true to their self.
The best desision we could ever make for our children starts with making good choices for ourselves.

If you are lost and don’t know where to start or you are looking for some inspiration, keep up to date with ‘Mumspiration’ you may find exactly what you are looking for or, life might take you in a completely new and exciting direction.

All posts will be listed with details for contacting our successful Mummies who I am sure will only be too happy to help with your future aspirations.


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