Sleep Week 

Us Mummies work hard, the least we deserve is a good night sleep.

At some point every new Mother has found herself asking ‘Why won’t my baby sleep?’ So do not worry, It’s not you and it’s not your baby, you are not alone.

Lack of sleep can be extremely unsettling in any household and is likely to have a negative impact on this wonderful new experience with your newborn, believe me, I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. Not only is the loss of sleep really difficult for the parents it can have a serious impact on the child’s overall development.

Babies and children who experience less sleep than advised can become moody and aggressive, they may also develop difficulties with their eating habits.

A recent study carried out by The University of Colorado and The University Hospital of Zurich found that lack of sleep in infants may in fact have a negative impact on their brain development. Researchers found the brain activity in children who experienced reduced sleep,  showed abnormal activity in the region of the brain that controls sensory function.

Find more details of the study via the link below:

NHS Neurology News

Having a baby who will not sleep can be very distressing and overwhelming for the parents. When this situation occurs it is common to see relationships breakdown along with  communication between parents. Unfortunately I experiencesd this first hand, not only with a partner but other relationships too. My friends, siblings even my parents had to deal with my short temper on more than one occasion. If this is what lack of sleep does to us, you can only imagine the impact it is having on our little ones.

The important thing to remember is, stay calm. You are not alone.

When your little one won’t sleep it is easy to feel guilty, feeling like your doing something wrong but don’t be too hard on yourself you are simply adjusting to this new situation and you both need to learn together.

There are a few simple steps to take that will ensure you and baby get the sleep you both need and deserve  so this week we will focus on these 1 step at a time.

The earlier you start these steps the easier it will be for baby to adjust. If, like me, your baby is 6 months plus and you still don’t have a healthy sleep routine in place that suits both you and baby then it will take a little more persistence but please be reassured it can be done. Babies are very intelligent. Repetition is the key to learning for your child so it is crucial when teaching your little one a new routine that you too are disciplined in changing your behaviour. If you cannot stick to a routine and find yourself all over the place then how on earth is your little one supposed to know what is expected of them.

Being a role model starts now!

The problem I found with being a new Mum and attempting to do the right thing was discovering the vast amounts of information available, where do you begin? And then finally sifting through it becomes apparent most of the different books, articles, websites all contradict one and other. It is impossible to know what is right and what is wrong especially when you have so many people giving you advice and it’s different every time. Needless to say,  I was pulling my hair out…

‘Let her cry it out, it won’t do her any harm’

‘Don’t let her cry it out, it can make her feel unloved’

‘She will sleep when she is tired’

‘Keep her awake through the day’

‘Give her a bottle while she falls asleep’

‘Feed her around 11pm while she is still asleep to make her sleep longer’

‘Don’t bath her right before bed, it will waken her up’

‘Drive her around in the car’

These are just a few statements given to me from friends, family, co-workers, healthcare providers etc.

All so very confusing for a new Mum.

It is for this reason I decided to simplify this sleep thing for you. Let’s go back to basics and make this as easy as possible. Forget all the contradictions and focus on what works, what makes sense.

After 6 months of research, trial and error and almost no sleep I have it all figured out. It really is very simple.

This week I will discuss:

  • What not to do on your journey to sleep freedom.
  • Safe sleeping practice for your newborn (SIDS)
  • The perfect sleep routine.
  • How to nap like a pro

Let’s take back our sleep one baby at a time!

Forget about ‘You snooze you lose’


Time for both you and your little ones to get some sleep…


Mummy Said So x


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