Life Is Short

Can’t wait to see you walk or hear your little voice,

Can’t wait for you to make a mess with all your favourite toys,

Can’t wait to do some arts and crafts or play with sand and water,

Can’t wait to read your bedtime book, Sweetdreams my beautiful daughter.

Can’t wait to see you wear your apron every time we bake,

Can’t wait for funny food fights throwing chocolate, pudding and cake,

Can’t wait for your first sleepover and to meet your first best friend,

Can’t wait to take you shopping and be told what’s not on trend,

Can’t wait to see you stretch and grow to see you big and strong,

Can’t wait to see you interact and teach you right from wrong,

Can’t wait to clean your room and tidy all the mess,

Can’t wait for Halloween, face paints and fancy dress,

Can’t wait to hold your hand and tell you everything’s alright,

Can’t wait to watch you dream when your sound asleep at night,

Can’t wait to do your hair and make you take a bath,

Can’t wait to splash in bubbles and hear your perfect laugh,

Can’t wait to drop you off at school on your first exciting day,

Can’t wait to see you run with friends as you rush of to play,

Can’t wait to pick you up again to hear of all the fun,

Can’t wait to splish splash in the rain or paddle in the sun,

Can’t wait to chat about silly things as you giggle from your tummy,

Can’t wait to here you call for me when you just need your Mummy,

I Can’t wait for every milestone but now I must delay

I’ll treasure every moment and stop wishing life away.


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